Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A "Sneaky Tiki Peek" At My Next Work Of Art!

I'm deep into my next project for the official Disney Parks Blog, and it's definitely going to make some of you smile!  By far, this will be the most diverse piece of artwork I have created in a very long time...and it has its roots in a classic piece of Disneyana!

Here's a teeny tiny portion of the incomplete artwork...

What might this be from?

Check back here for more hints over the next couple weeks!

UPDATE:  This piece of artwork is still in the works, but there are a couple projects that will make their debut before this one comes out.  I'll post another sneak peek soon!


Sandra Diana said...

It's the waterwheel from The Swiss Family Robinson Tree House!

Eric Patterson said...

...and now I have the Swisskapolka running through my head!