Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Disney Fantasy Wallpaper on the Disney Parks Blog!

Aloha from the sun-drenched heart of Central Florida!

My second piece of artwork for the official Disney Parks Blog has gone live!  In this piece, we see the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, the Disney Fantasy, sailing into the sunset after a day of rest and relaxation at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.

This piece of artwork was inspired by my own personal experiences aboard the Disney Wonder and the Disney Dream.  Laying on the beach, the scent of vanilla and hibiscus in the air, warm breezes gliding across my face, the taste of a  nicely chilled tropical beverage...These were all memories which helped to mold the overall look and color scheme of the wallpaper.  

While I worked diligently on this project at my office in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, my friends Sarah, Mayra, and Dean were all sailing aboard the Disney Dream!  Occasionally, I would glance at the clock on my computer and think about where they were right then and what they were doing.  Sitting at my desk, I repeatedly listened to a recording of the original Adventureland Steel Drum Band (does anyone remember them?) while sipping a fruit punch (non-alcoholic since I was at the office) out of my Castaway Club bottle (hooray for returning cruise guest perks!).  I can honestly say that I was living vicariously through their cruise...and it definitely set the mood for me.

Artwork by Jason "Tiki" Tackett.  Artwork ©2012 Disney  

Special thanks for this piece go out to my friends James and Jonny Nelson.  This past November, I had the honor of attending their wedding aboard the Disney Dream.  As a special gift, I created a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork celebrating their magical moment.  The artwork included an Art Deco representation of the Disney Dream...a representation which I used as the basis for the ship featured in this piece with their blessing.

The style of this wallpaper is extremely similar to the style of the Aulani piece I did a few months ago.  The trees and hibiscus I used in this piece came directly from the Aulani piece.  The way I utilized gradients in this artwork is also very similar in both works.  Going forward, I think I will use "Disney Destination Classic Travel Postcard Style" to describe anything I do in this aesthetic.  What do you think?

Sail on over to the official Disney Parks Blog to download the wallpaper by clicking here!  Be sure to leave a comment on their Blog if you like the art.  I just ask that you  leave any compliments or criticisms directed at me personally here.

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